1) Who are we?

Computer Innovations is a company based in Ontario, Canada with offices in the USA. We focus on Archos products and have been reselling and distributing Archos products longer than any other reseller in North America.

2) Why should I order from Computer Innovations?

We only sell Archos products and have used and tested every product we sell. We can provide tech support over and above Archos tech support. We can also advise you on the best product for your needs and we offer custom accessories for the products. If you are in Canada we are the major supplier of Archos products.

3). Do we sell wholesale?

Yes. If you are a reseller or require large quantities please contact us at sales@archos.ca or use the contact page above.

4). How do we ship?

We ship Canada post express or expedited post with insurance and tracking. For small orders going outside of Canada we ship small packet airmail. Overseas goes Canada post express or airmail package if express post is not available in your country.

5) How fast do we ship?

We ship within 2 business days usually within 24 hours.

6) Where do we ship from?

All Canadian and overseas orders ship from Ontario, Canada. USA orders ship from Canada or USA depending on where our stock is.

7) How do preorders work?

To insure you get a new product as soon as they arrive we take preorders. These ship in the order the orders are received. If a preorder is cancelled a full refund less any fees we have been charged will be made. Refunds take from 4-6 weeks.

8) What about defective items?

All items are waranteed for one year. If on the rare occasion your item is defective it is covered fully by the manufacturers warranty. If you are in the USA Archos tech support will look after all defective items so you don’t need to ship to Canada. Their toll free number is 1877-300-8879. 9) What about returns?

All sales are final. We provide all the specs so you can make an informed decision. Unfortunately some people buy items and return them after playing with them. Since in most cases we ship for free this would cost us a lot of money. Also we only sell new sealed items so once an item is opened we can’t resell it. We have sold more than 20,000 tablets and to date have not had a customer who wanted to return the tablet or MP3 player.

10) What about picking up the purchase?

Yes you can. We are south of Toronto in Burlington and pick ups are fine. Cash pickups we can offer a discount making it worth while to drive here. Just email us or use the contact page for information.

11) Why are our prices in US dollars if we are in Canada?

Archos only sells to us in USD. If we put pricing in another currency such as Canadian dollar then we would have to change our pricing almost on a daily basis. We keep our pricing as low as Archos allows. Unlike most Canadian based companies our prices match or better USA based company prices.